Radha Krishna Decoupage Box

₹ 1,500.00

We all like to cosy away our precious little somethings be it jewellery or candy or keys in a pretty box. This is just perfect for this. Exquisitely crafted decoupage boxes with Pattachitra print . Hand crafted beautiful Radha Krishna motif box, which can be used for keeping jewelry, knick knacks, stationary, tissue & napkins, dry fruits etc, the choice is yours. Handmade out of eco-friendly wood and decoupaged with self-designed paper. Waterproofed. Maintenance - Wipe gently with a damp cloth. Ideal for gifting your dear ones. Size 7.5"x7.5"x3.5" Pattachitra is a term for traditional, cloth-based scroll painting, based in the eastern Indian state, Odisha. In the Sanskrit language, "Patta" literally means "cloth" and "Chitra" means "picture". Most of these paintings depict stories of Hindu deities. Here we have used this same art on decoupage boxes to create a beautiful artifact! Keep a piece of ancient Indian art in your living room today!

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