DIY Patua Painting Kit

₹ 270.00

Here is a Folk Art of West Bengal a state in the east of India a land which is rich in heritage and culture. Patua Painters lived in the villages over 1000 years ago and what they did was paint stories and narrate them to their friends. Isn't that so beautiful? So interactive and communicative. Quite unlike today when friends sit together with separate devices and read and play games without so much as talking to their friends. The stories were mainly from mythology and they used natural colours extracted from berries and bark and plants like the indigo and roots like turmeric for the different colours. What you see on the cover is the story of the marriage procession of a fish! Isn't that quaint? You will also find 5 different stories in this kit for you to paint and relive those ancient times. This DIY kit contains - 6 poster colours Brushes Patua colouring cards Painting leaflet with instructions 2 Gift Tags Bookmarks Sachets of natural material with recipe to make the colours It sounds like so much fun, you are sure to enjoy this whatever your age may be!

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